How's the weather down here?

The Weather is great, Wish you were here! The Gulf Shores - Orange Beach area is a sunshine lover's paradise, with an AVERAGE OF OVER 320 SUNNY DAYS PER YEAR! Gulf attributes combine with water clusters caressed by gentle breezes to cool even the warmest Mercury readings -- creating year-round tempting temperatures. Below is a chart of the average temperature ranges:

High 82F / 28C
Low 56F / 13C
High 88F / 31C
Low 62F / 13C
High 84F / 29C
Low 54F / 12C
High 70F / 21C
Low 48F / 9C

The Alabama Gulf Coast is occassionally threated by hurricanes and/or tropical storms. Generally, the hurricane season for the Gulf Coast lasts from the end of July to November. The most important thing to keep in mind with regard to Hurricanes is to respect them and pay very close attention whenever there is a threat. The links below provide substantially more information:



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